Kyle Borland

Storyteller and strategist at the intersections of cannabis, branding & communications, justice, and Urbanism.

"Cancel Culture"

"Cancel culture" used to be called "consequences." Now conservatives have regressed to saying GOD hates "cancel culture."

"God" drowned the entire world for acting exactly as his omnipotent ass knew they would.

"God" turned a woman into a pillar of salt FOR TURNING AROUND.

"God" canceled every firstborn because of Pharoah's insolence.

"God" canceled Job's entire family to prove a point.

If you are someone who complains about "Cancel Culture," there is a 99 percent chance of you doing something in your past that you can't answer to. For the most part, that means White Christians.

You see, Queers and other minorities, we are made aware of *every* *single* *thing* we did wrong – when we did it wrong. We were already "othered" and so, when we stepped outside a carefully constructed lane, folks paid attention.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot. Little Christians don't get to point a self-righteous finger and watch a Queer person get destroyed. Their power is weakening and labeling accountability as "Cancel Culture" is simply that – a last-ditch effort to remain privileged above repute.

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