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Alabama Throws the Same Old Stones

It is no secret that I am huge fan of Rep. Ilhan Omar @IlhanMN (MN–05). This week, however, the Alabama GOP couldn’t help itself but draw her back into the spotlight.

Mind you, this is the very same electorate that nominated and came a mere 22,000 write-in votes away from electing a child molester to the United States Senate.

That won’t stop Alabama from throwing stones. No, ma’am. They don’t have a pot to piss in, so why shouldn’t they throw stones at your house?

That’s their logic. It’s elementary, ignorant, juvenile…whatever word you’d like to use. They fit the bill. Truthfully, the people who run Alabama (and much of the country) have proven time and time again exactly who they are.

They are Hypocrites. They are Philistines. They are Racists. They are Tyrants.

These people lecture cities, “leftists” or anyone from another state who dares prioritize decency over personal delusions. How dare reality stand in the way of their fantasy!

“This is America! The land of the free, and the home for ME.”

Pity them. For they know what they do, and believe themselves new.

(As I was writing this for a newsletter, Roy Moore responded.)


Roy Moore, responding to Rep. Ilhan Omar, called her a "sworn enemy of Israel" and says she "has been accused of numerous sexual relationships" while in Congress. "President Trump was right: she should go back to Somalia from whence she came," Moore said. Roy Moore: Omar should go back ‘from whence she came’The U.S. Senate candidate said he supported the resolution by the Alabama Republican Party calling for Omar to be removed from

All I have to say, is even back in 1842, Charles Dickens knew what we were:

[America], Dickens blasted in American Notes, was the home of: "Despicable trickery at elections; under-handed tamperings with public officers; and cowardly attacks upon opponents, with scurrilous newspapers for shields, and hired pens for daggers".

"Dickens had a traumatising experience in America," argues Prof Meckier. "He became less radical, less optimistic, and he downgraded his view of human nature."

"Cancel Culture"

It's Authoritarianism 101