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Cannabis App-reciation

The San Francisco Bay Area is rising as heir apparent to the cannabis crown. Home to Silicon Valley, the Bay Area is a techy-town so it seemed right to include technology reviews as a vital part of the equation. Check out some of these products from our techie tokers.


By its own claim, Leafly is the “world’s largest cannabis information resource.” Marketing jargon or not, there’s reason to start off with this company. At Leafly, there is something for everyone. No matter your previous exposure to cannabis, Leafly has digestible information on thousands of products, including flowers, topicals, edibles, and concentrates.

Two features were particularly helpful, the Explore tool and the Knowledge Center. Explore allows users to search through Leafly’s crowdsourced database of products and filter them by effects, flavors and medical uses. The Knowledge Center provides information on cannabis basics and educational resources for beginners.

Leafly is a versatile tool designed to complement any cannabis user’s overall consumption experience. From expert advice and reviews to beginner tips and tricks, Leafly has set the bar high for cannabis technology companies.


Built from a desire to visit every dispensary in California, and lacking the information to do so, Weedmaps aims to be the top cannabis dispensary finder on the planet. Put simply, Weedmaps is the “Yelp for cannabis.”

No matter what step of the cannabis process a user finds themselves in, Weedmaps has the most reviewed dispensaries, doctors, and deliveries of any site on the Internet. A particularly fun feature is the dispensary video tours on WeedmapsTV. As the cannabis industry grows, the aesthetic and experience of dispensaries continues to develop as a wider range of customers enter the market and allow patients to experience a variety of resources from the comfort of home.

Where Leafly serves as an overall information guide to the world of cannabis, Weedmaps provides a localized service that brings cannabis from the Internet to your door.


While Leafly and Weedmaps are innovations for all levels of users, GrowBuddy is focused on assisting personal growers. Started in Colorado in order to perfect their own product, GrowBuddy developed three services: a grow journal: a marketplace; and an online forum. These services help streamline the growing process for everyone.

GrowBuddy is free to download from their website. Newer cannabis users will want to check with local dispensaries on growing/harvesting classes before jumping straight into GrowBuddy. The site does not have a basic tutorial — users have to come with a fair amount of growing knowledge to fully utilize the product. GrowBuddy does come highly recommended so it’s worth the learning curve if you’re willing to give it a chance.

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